How we work

We are a wholesale

As a wholesale manufacturer, we have the benefit of passing on direct savings to our customers. Enjoy bulk pricing on more than 3000 products.

We work with beautiful business

We strive to provide each business, each brick and mortar store, concept store, florists, home stores, event planner, and wedding and party designers the best products ever.

Our suppliers are our best support

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in design and materials. Our suppliers are our main collaborators without whom we would be nothing. We work closely with each of them to design and produce unique decorative objects that will be used during the happiest days of your clients' lives.

We provide small businesses good products at the best prices

We allow small decoration and florists store to flourish with the latest products at affordable prices!

Products on collection and products in stock

We receive containers from all over the world, all year long. As we work on collections for some items (Christmas, Easter), you can pre order products on our website: our christmas collection, Easter, and Spring collection are updated every year. If you preorder, you will be  sure to receive your order on time. These items will be noted

Our design Team is inspired by good Vibes only

Our  designer team is inspired by foreign vibes and we are proud to serve unique products whose designs, colors and material highlights a table decoration, a centerpiece, an event.

Your challenger is everything for Us

We know how important is to receive good products in safe packaging. For internet stores, and and all kind of business , we don’t want you to worry about breakage items. The main part of the products we sell are fragile, but it will always be easy for you to ship them to your customer. To make the logistic of our supplier easy is our top priority.

We supply all Europe beautiful vases and gifts

As we supply retailers in Europe market the best table top decoration, and the best gifts, we can ship everywhere.