At Gift and Deco, we sell beautiful products for unique business. We design and import many vases, vases as wedding favors, centerpieces, candle hoder, and all kind of decorations and containers for florist, wedding planner, event industry and beautiful business. We are proud to find exciting and original products for table decoration purposes.

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If you have a business in the wedding and event Industry, If you have your own florist store, if you have a company and need a provider of original and trendy decoration items as a gift for your team and employees, you’re very welcome.

A new gift for a new season’s

Whenever you’re looking for containers for Valentine’s day flowers arrangements, for Easter’s bunny unique baskets, for father’s Day and mother’s Day, and for Holiday’s, you’ll find unique vases, containers, baskets, as a gift.

As we love to serve you items at a unique design, you’ll find unique designs mugs, trendy gifts, beautiful presents, figurines, kitchen’s items that

We can make your event cutter with our gifts

As we like to distribute very cool items, we provide every items that can enhance your event and make it very special !

You can sell our trendy and very soft plushes, as a gift for baby’s birth, first brithday, baby’s shower..

Birthday will be trendy with our gift items and special occasion items: gifts for hobbies, and themes and seasons.

Your customers will love our christmas cookies tray, plates, mugs and all ceramics items for holidays. Our very special designs will keep them in the christmas’ spirit and we will love to serve you our best collections for christmas ‘s dinner.