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Mercury candle holders have a vitage flair. Their color is most of the time silver of gold, and we sell many sizes and shapes with various textures for special events.

Mercury votive candle holders can be used as wedding centerpieces, christmas table decortaion, birthday or anniversary decoration, in shades of gold, silver..

All our mercury candle holder are handcrafted. The glass used for mercury candle holders and compote vase is breakable, but our packgaging is safe for delivery to your business.

If you want to allow your customers to buy many small candle holders, you can buy from us our last collections of mercury :

- mercury small vases

- mercury votive candle holder

- mercury compote centerpieces You can mix and match our candle holders to reach event decoration.

The glow of the real candles inside our mercury candle holder will light your table, and will catch your guests


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